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Publication opportunities

Publication opportunities at The Migration Conferences

The 5th Migration Conference invites short papers, abstracts, and exhibitions by researchers, students, scholars and practitioners dealing with the questions on human mobility, migrants and related issues.

We are working with international peer reviewed and indexed journals and publishers in the field to offer good publication opportunities to participants. The abstracts are traditionally published in the book of abstracts before the conference and delegates are provided a copy at the Conference.

Following the conference, authors are invited to submit revised full papers taking into account the comments and feedback received during the conference and from the reviewers prior to the conference.

We are aiming at developing edited books drawing upon the submitted full papers to the conference. This process may involve several rounds of reviews and revisions.

At the same time, competitive full papers presented at the conference are invited to the sponsoring Migration Letters, a leading international journal in the field. Also papers in cognate areas are invited to other journals. We are also working to develop opportunities with other publishers interested in migration research and scholarship.

The following edited books drawing on previous conference proceedings are currently in progress and they are normally made available before the Conference.

  • Demography and Human Capital in Turkish Migration.
  • Politics and Law in Turkish Migration
  • Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration